Essential Firearm Safety Tips for Beginners

If you write fantasy or are thinking about writing fantasy you probably are going to have medieval weapons in your created world. Today’s reader of fantasy is very savvy when it comes to weapons and armor and you want your writing to be accurate and to make sense when it comes to weapons. They are often a big part of the story. In this article I explain some important things about medieval weapons,A Guide to Medieval Weapons for Fantasy Writers Articles how to get them right, and I look at some of the more popular types of weapons.

In sync with the world

In the world we live in there has been a very distinct path from sticks and stones to the weapons we have now and this is something you really need to consider in your writing. We have progressed roughly from stone, to copper and bronze, then iron, into eventually steel. Now we have composite  materials such as Kevlar. The important thing to realize here is that weapons were made according to the skills and knowledge of weapon smiths.  If you are going to have sophisticated weapons in your novel or story you have to have the support to back it up. And steel is a good example of this.

It takes a high level of knowledge and skill to make steel and if your world is composed of grass and wood huts it doesn’t  make sense to have these steel weapons just appearing as if from nowhere.  In summary the weapons you use in your novel have to fit into the world you have created. Another thing to consider is availability. If you are using Iron then there should be iron mines in your world.  Availability of materials is also an important factor. Our world went through an extended Iron Age because iron was very readily available and easy to work with.