Laser Therapy For Quitting Smoking

You are introduced to this system recently,Laser Therapy For Quitting Smoking Articles and it has been liked by most of the people.

Factually speaking, laser therapy is old wine in the new bottle. Certain nerve centers in the body act as pressure points. By treating those points, you can cause or encourage certain changes in the body. Many disciplines, like reflexology and acupuncture use this principle. Each pressure point, when treated, gives known results.

The same principle is applied to treat you of smoking habit. In laser treatment, specific points in your body are treated with low intensity laser beam. You need not wait long for the result. You find the degree of your smoking cravings drop substantially with immediate effect.

But don’t be overjoyed. Reduction in the cravings does not mean that you have quit smoking. You have just begun the journey. But a very good point about laser therapy is that it has no side effects. Such a fast reduction in the cravings is itself an achievement. Laser therapy has to be clubbed with another therapy known as behavioral therapy, to get the optimum results.

Behavioral therapy helps to eliminate the psychological cravings of your smoking addiction. The laser gives the blow to the Nicotine addiction. With these double blows, the effect will not be injurious, and you will emerge victorious!

So, are you convinced about the laser therapy treatment? Now, you need to come to the practical aspects of it. Laser therapy could be quite expensive. So, compare the rates of some of the best clinics. Check the rates in your State, whether the treatment cost is covered under the health insurance. In many cases, laser therapy however may not produce the desired results, so give equal importance to the behavioral therapy as well.

Don’t forget your will power. It is not the laser beam, but its about you who have to quit smoking! Laser treatment will give you the initial support and you own the resultant enthusiasm. But your job is not done. You need to maintain the level of enthusiasm and firm up the decision to quit smoking for ever.

So, let your laser therapy treatment, also known as LLLT (low level laser therapy) start on a positive note. The relevant nerve centers thought that they are the beneficiaries of something pleasurable, when you smoked. Now they will experience the real pleasure, when you say farewell to your smoking for ever!